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Amie Bantz

Studio #322

Amie Bantz is a Baltimore-born, Midwest-and-New-England-raised, current Harrisburg resident and artist. She received her Bachelors in Art Education in 2015 and her Masters in Arts Administration in 2021. Her background in education fosters a desire to make art accessible to everyone as she creates work that incorporates themes or images that encourage connection through familiarity. Bantz often explores identity, place, and her Korean-American ethnicity through her work – taking everyday objects or scenes and transforming them, thereby forcing viewers to experience something ordinary in a new way. Her goal is rather simple: to create joy through art. Make images that make people smile. Or remember something wonderful. Or chuckle a little. It isn’t always necessary to have a grand emotive response to her work. Viewers should just naturally feel a little lighter – as if the work has come off the wall, canvas, or paper and given the viewer a little pat on the back.