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Fine Art By Angela

Studio #214

Angela L. “Fine Art by Angela” immediately embarked upon her art career as an
illustrator and graphic designer after receiving her BFA from Moore College of Art &
Design. Her later work as a fine art painter, however, began only within the past seven
years starting with small watercolor studies then grew with her new-found inspiration
and focused efforts. Based outside of Hershey, PA, the artist utilizes her preferred
medium of acrylics, along with oil and cold wax, to capture and interpret the local
natural environment. Her abstract interpretations of nature are often expressed in a
dreamlike trance, characterized with muted, subtle layers of color and interspersed
with strong, graphic lines. “I find inspiration from close observations in our local
natural environment that usually manifests itself in abstraction, and some more
figurative works,” remarked the artist.