Lyes and Lathers is the work of a former culinary expert who now shares her love of flavors in a different way. The natural world around us inspires me to make quality, long-lasting products that tickle the senses and speak to those who are listening.​​

Spending 8 combined years in the restaurant world and attending culinary school, I eventually found myself working in some of the highest-end restaurants in the area. When I decided it was time to bring some science into the kitchen, I can’t say I predicted that I’d become a soapmaker. There’s still recipes I have to follow and I’ve been familiar with all the tools I now use since 2003. Just switch the senses taking information in and I’m using every ounce of my formal training on a day-to-day basis. Soapmaking allows me to express my creativity while the intricacies of it all keep my mind engaged in a game of cat and mouse that’s nearly irresistible. Utilizing only essential oils and natural colors, you won’t find your cousin’s favorite ‘Apricot Freesia’ soap, but I’ve put a modern twist on the classic soap scents we’ve all come to expect.