Erik was born and raised in central PA. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology. Following graduation he worked for the United States Forest Service in California as an archaeologist. You could say he has an affinity for the past and it’s no surprise he now works with leather and waxed canvas.

Erik’s mission with Owl Creek Supply is to produce top quality goods, made of durable timeless materials. He feels a responsibility to honor the animal by designing and constructing goods that will last longer than him.

And not only are leather and waxed canvas time tested in their ability to withstand life’s back and forth, but each will form a unique patina over time. The oils from your hands, the light from the sun, the insides of your pockets, they all leave a mark. They leave ​your​ mark. It isn’t just a wallet, it’s ​your w​ allet. And with proper care and maintenance the goods will undoubtedly last years (if not a lifetime) of daily use.