Ann is a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and began painting in late 2009. Although Ann has only been painting a few short years, she has celebrated success early on by being internationally published in the “International Contemporary Abstract Artist Book, Volume XI, in July of 2016. Ann is representative of a lineage of very accomplished artists. Her Great, Great Uncle was Thomas Hart Benton (an American Regionalist Painter 1889-1975), who taught and mentored Jackson Pollock (an American Abstract Expressionist 1912-1956).

Ann is an abstract, contemporary artist who specializes in mixed media in both cold wax and oil, as well as encaustic (hot wax and oil) mediums. She also works heavily in acrylic with mixed media elements, as she embraces heavy paint and texture to add interest to her canvas. Ann believes abstract art is endless in its possibilities, and infinite in design.

Ann Benton Yeager