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Elaine Elledge

Studio #212

Elaine is a 2014 graduate of the printmaking program at Penn State. She earned the Penn State Bruce Shobaken Endowed Award in Printmaking, which funded her time at Green Olive Arts in Tetouan, Morocco as an artist in residence during the summer of 2013. She primarily studied pattern while abroad, which you can see still influencing her work today.

She loves passing on the joy of printmaking through workshops, classes, community events and at the Grier School in central Pennsylvania and has been continuing her own print education through internships and classes, including at Tandem Press of UW and Zea Mays Printmaking in Massachusetts.

In December 2018, she received the Trailhead grant, which allowed her to create a large-scale outdoor installation of circular pattern designs at Rhoneymeade Sculpture Garden and Arboretum, installed in May 2019.

The designs in her current work are hand-carved out of rubber or wood blocks and printed onto paper using watercolor or colored ink. She combines many of these prints with delicate, individually cut pieces of wax paper and tracing paper, as well as other media.