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Kristin livelsberger

Studio #322

Kristin Livelsberger is a Harrisburg area native who has been teaching art at Central Dauphin High School for over 30 years.  While the theme of personal emotional symbolism has played a large part in Kristin’s work, nature has served as her biggest canvas and source of inspiration! The over 200 Hydrangeas in her home garden serves as the greatest influence in her paintings, drawings, (wine) glass painting and “visual journal” inspired works. Kristin believes that words have the power to create and loves to infuse positive, uplifting and thoughtful text, in a playful way, into some of her pieces. 

While she loves to paint and draw, she finds great joy in bringing the Visual Journal process ~ via artistic “playshops”, as a means to help people in their personal growth and creative expression.  

Kristin’s work has been displayed at local venues including the Mantis Collective and Little Amps.  Her work has also been published in 1000 Artist Journal Pages and Signatures, a Somerset Studio Publication.