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kayla livelsberger

Studio #322

Kayla Livelsberger, also known as Kayla Hope, is a creator of many sorts. Locally raised in Harrisburg, PA by a family of artists and creative individuals, Kayla has been creating her own works of art since her very first steps. Her mom, a talented and well respected art teacher, provided Kayla with a generous foundation of artistic skills. Now, she uses these techniques to create her own works of art that reflect her values and personality. Currently, Kayla is experimenting with her style and is identifying who she is as an artist. Within her paintings she is combining new and old techniques, different media, and various inspirations to create something unique to her. Kayla finds a lot of her inspiration from things of nature, specifically the ocean. She also introduces a whimsical text to her art that brings each piece a meaningful message. Kayla Hope is excited for the journey ahead of her and can’t wait to see how her art continues to develop.
In addition to painting, Kayla is a tattoo artist at Unhinged Ink located in Shermans Dale. Since October of 2023, she has been creating permanent works of art on people’s skin. Kayla plans on specializing in patchwork tattooing and script but is open to all styles. For more information and to see her work, check out her instagram @kaylahopetats.
Kayla also has various recognitions for her art from her time in school. In 8th grade she was awarded “Best Female Artist”. Her senior year of high school (2022) she received the award of “Best Female Artist” again with the addition of the “Principal’s Award for Film Photography”. Kayla values the recognition she has received and is excited to see where her artistic talents will take her!
To see more of Kayla’s progress, current projects, and tattoo information, check out her instagrams: @kaylahope and @kaylahopetats