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Tami Bitner

Studio #210

My artistic style is primarily non-objective.  I enjoy creating works on canvas, board, and paper using a variety of watermedia, textural, and collage techniques.  I am also passionate about working with cold wax and encaustic on both wood and paper.  Encaustic involves layering beeswax infused with oil paint and damar resin, and incorporates unique textures and shapes to create a two-dimensional piece that is impossible to duplicate.  Whether I’m using paint or wax, my goal is to develop a rich surface that suggests a mysterious interplay between transparency, opacity, layering, and subtle textures.  When creating art, I try to establish a creative use of composition, rhythm, line, and color so the piece will stir the thoughts, feelings, and visual excitement in the minds of viewers.  My art work is strongly influenced by nature, music, texture, shapes, and spirituality and I strive to create pieces that remove the objective walls around us to reveal the excitement from within the work itself.  When you view my work, I ask that you open your mind and experience the emotion, energy, and movement captured.