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Tara Chickey

Studio #323

Like most art, even the most literal or figurative, mine is a mixture of memory and actual experience, an alloy of residues of what has transpired in my life with the various ways my mind remembers these incidents.  Hence false cognates, hallucinated moments and misinterpretations exist in innocence by the side of actual documentation and transparent portrayal.  In this context, even untruths exhibit the spirit of sincerity.

Most significantly, my travels foster personal growth and by extension feed my paintings and work.  Specifically, my travels to Iceland, where I encountered nature at its most glacial, vegetation at its sparsest, have taken my aesthetic in unpredicted directions.  While there, I traveled through terrains and vistas which motivated me to adjust my painterly gaze.  These experiences have been a continued source of inspiration to me in my work ever since.