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Tina Berrier

Studio #319

Tina Berrier is a self taught mixed media artist, painter and assemblage creator. As a child her favorite Christmas presents were the boxes from the Jewel tea man that contained art supplies. Through her explorations she has dabbled in pen and ink, pastels, charcoal, oils and now has settled on acrylics. All of these revelations have lead her to the art form now known as Mixed Media. This art form allows for creative expression through various mediums and includes adding collage, stencils and stamping, photography or any other tools available to the artist. Once an outsider form of expression; mixed media, graffiti, up cycling and all forms of self expression are now readily accepted.

Tina feels that her art is a continuing struggle between meaning and beauty. As a Middle Eastern dance performer and teacher her work is also influenced by the colors and mythos of other cultures.

Tina is married with a school age daughter and a dog. She also loves gardening and working on ever changing her 1940’s home.