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The Huckle Buckle Boys

Studio #318

Zack Rudy and Garrick Dorsett are an art partnership known as the Huckle Buckle Boys. Our mission is focused on the synchronicity of collaboration. We strive to unify the concept of the “Flow experience” with the recklessness of individual Ego as a basis for creation.

In 2008, the Huckle Buckle Boys began to merge concurrent studio practices. Our passion for improvisation, humor, and storytelling has given us a unique perspective as contemporary makers of art. We trust the subconscious to navigate the infinite availability of expression. This practice gives us permission to become immersed in our own rules of process. By creating without expectation, we are able to forgo the constraints of individual mediums and focus solely on the moment. the process yields a unique and unexpected outcome to each project. The Huckle Buckle Boys were created to experience the possibilities of harmonious collaboration in the individual territory of expression.